About Us

St John Ambulance SA Inc is a charity supporting the well-being of South Australians. We help tens of thousands of people across the state each year through the delivery of first aid at events, first aid training and products, and social inclusion programs.

Passionate about well-being

Every day St John SA volunteers attend community events right across the state providing first aid patient care to event goers. Our youth development program provides a range of activities and experiences to develop the potential of youth members, and for those who feel disconnected from community life our range of social inclusion programs make the world of difference through the simple gift of human contact.

Saving lives

Through public access resources and training we give people the skills to help save a loved one, friend, work colleague or passer-by should accident or disaster strike. Couple this with the right first aid kits and equipment and you have more hands in the community able to help themselves and others - a resilient South Australia.

In times of disaster

As part of the State Emergency Management Plan our taskforce of qualified volunteers stand alongside emergency services in preparing for, responding to, and helping the people affected recover from disaster.

We are not-for-profit

St John is a volunteer based organisation run entirely for the wellbeing of the South Australian community. As a charity and registered not-for-profit we are reliant on public donations, together with the proceeds from commercial training and product sales to fund humanitarian services. We are not motivated by financial gain and all profit is returned to community services.