At a glance

St John is passionate about the wellbeing of South Australians and has been serving the community for over 125 years.

Each year St John provides the following to the SA community through the delivery of first aid, training, social inclusion and youth development programs:

 Our people

 826  Event Health Services volunteers 
 413  Community Care volunteers 
 668   Cadets and Juniors 
 64.5   Staff (full time equivalent, including paid Trainers) (78 total)


 Communities helped

 2,950  Events and emergencies attended*
 19,185  Patients treated

 Community Care clients 

 20,003  School children First Aid trained

 Volunteer hours

 91,705  First Aid event duty hours*
 57,980  Training hours*
 28,860  Community Care hours


 Value of volunteering hours**

 $4,786,926  Event Health Services***
 $922,943  Community Care programs
 $5,709,869  Total Value of volunteering hours



Source : Annual Report 2014/15

*Based on calendar year
**Calculations for 2014/15 based on 2010 average wage rate by hour of $27.45 as published in ‘Economic Value of Volunteering in South Australia', a report by Duncan Ironmonger from the Households Research Unit, Department of Economics, escalated by the % increase in average weekly earnings from Nov 2010-May 2015 as per the ABS Time Series Workbook 6302.0 Average Weekly Earnings, Australia
***Duty and training