Our driving forces


To empower and support the South Australian community through the provision of first aid response and social care.


We will be indispensable to the health of every household, workplace and public gathering in South Australia. Our people and expertise will help those in need, including our international neighbours


Our people are:

Values in full

Volunteer spirit

At our core is a groundswell of volunteers working to save lives through education, training, social inclusion programs, and patient care at public events. All our people strive to enhance wellbeing and quality of life, to develop the potential of youth members and to help fellow South Australians in times of crisis. As a volunteer based organisation it is their driving force and passion that is our strength.


St John does not discriminate against nationality, race, gender, age or religion, and has no political affiliation or religious mandate.

Guiding principles

We are part of the wider St John global humanitarian organization. We will at all times endeavor to embrace and comply with the mission, goals and strategies outlined by the national St John organisation, consistent with the “One St John” policy and for the benefit of the South Australian community.