Our people are:

Skilled, accomplishing amazing amounts of work, demonstrating consistently strong performance others can rely on, and make wise decisions.
Resilient, maintaining calm in stressful situations, making tough decisions without excessive agonising, discovering practical solutions to hard problems, taking smart risks and are tenacious.
Dynamic, seeking and creating new ideas that prove useful, learning rapidly and eagerly, keeping St John nimble by minimising complexity and finding time to simplify, focusing on great results rather than on process, exhibiting bias to action and display a true “can do” attitude.
Respectful, upholding the importance of what it means to be a St John member, treating all people with respect independent of their status, saying only things about fellow members that would be said to their face, working with others in the best interests of St John, listening well to better understand, making time to help other members and sharing information and advice openly and proactively.
Courageous, questioning actions inconsistent with our values, inspiring others with a thirst for excellence, caring intensely about St John’s success, admitting mistakes and are ego-less when searching for best ideas.