EHS Staff & Members

Event Health Services can provide the full range of medical personnel – including event medics, advanced event medics, paramedics, nurses and doctors. In our experience, the provision of St John event medics and advanced event medics is typically more than adequate to cover the risks at most events. For larger scale and high risk events, the utilisation of our paramedics, nurses and doctors to support event medics is encouraged.
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St John Event Medics & Advanced Event Medics

St John event medics provide more than just 'first aid'. They are qualified to provide advanced care, which allows the similar clinical scope as those working for country ambulance services.

Event Medics and Advanced Event Medics are licensed to use a wide range of medications in the field and are trained to manage a range of medical scenarios – from basic first aid to complex clinical interventions. This high level of training enables our medics to manage many medical conditions on-site and reduces the number of people being transported to hospital for medical attention.

Training includes:

  • Provide First Aid
  • Advanced First Aid
  • Advanced Resuscitation
  • Nationally accredited training including Certificate II in Emergency Medical Service First Response (HLT21112) and Certificate III in Basic Health Care (HLT33107)
  • Vital Signs
  • Patient Retrieval
  • Lifting and Moving
  • Driver Awareness
  • Leadership Training
  • Event Command and Client Liaison
  • Radio and Communications

St John Paramedics, Nurses & Doctors

St John Ambulance health care professionals can manage a range of acute and chronic illnesses including major trauma and can administer a wide range of medications.

St John attracts high calibre people with world-class training. The qualities of our health professionals include:

  • Our Paramedics are active employees of SA Ambulance Service
  • Our Nurses and Doctors are active in public and private hospitals and health care settings
  • Advanced life support trained - meaning they can administer resuscitation medications, perform advanced airway manoeuvres, insert cannulas, 'drips' etc.
  • Trained in initial assessment and differential diagnosis, management of patients of all ages
  • Trained in emergency driving skills
  • Undergo annual training in skills, emergency response and health care

St John Ambulance is a world-class, nationally accredited training organisation and is South Australia’s largest pre-hospital training provider.

St John Ambulance has a strong focus on continual training and all St John event staff must undergo regular training to ensure that their scope of practice remains current.

Clinical Governance

Importantly, all St John medical staff operate under St John’s Clinical Practice Guidelines, which ensure that each patient receives the highest level of care and the best possible medical outcome. All St John medical staff have direct access to clinical governance support services within St John Ambulance, 24 hours a day.

Support Staff

As well as exceptional medical staff, Event Health Services has a highly experienced support team who work with our clients to ensure that all aspects of the medical care service run as smoothly as possible:

  • A 'Commander' can be allocated as your dedicated contact person during each event. They will be made familiar with the venue and any associated requirements and processes.
  • An Event Health Services Team Member will be your dedicated contact person for all pre and post event requirements.
  • Our Operations Team will ensure that your event is planned, staffed and equipped accordingly.
  • Our Client Services Team will manage all the paperwork and reporting.


St John Event Health Services is the best equipped event medical team in South Australia. As well as a large pool of medical staff we have a variety of vehicles, medications and equipment to cater for any size of event.

Patient Management Vehicles 

Event Health Services has a dedicated fleet of vehicles. Common vehicles used at events include:

  • Medical Posts: Caravans and Transit vans fitted out as mobile treatment suites which are able to manage patients in a comfortable, private environment with all medical resources within reach.
  • Command Posts: State-of-the-art mobile operation centres which can manage the event on-site with radio, telecommunication and IT links directly to the St John State Operations Centre (which takes all the triple zero (000) emergency ambulance calls).
  • Event Response & Retrieval Vehicles: Event 'ambulances' which carry a patient on a stretcher with an event health staff member managing them. These Mercedes vans are equipped to the same standard as a SA Ambulance Service vehicle and can fit through crowds and along footpaths.
  • Equipment Trailers: Mobile supply storerooms that carry resources to treat hundreds of patients. They are equipped with power generation, lighting and medical treatment tents which allow Event Health Services to establish portable self-sufficient medical centres.
  • Bicycle Response: Mountain bikes to be used by specially trained and equipped Event Health staff who can rapidly respond to an incident by bike. 

Well Resourced

Event Health Services has an extensive range of medications and equipment to cater for basic first aid and more complex pre-hospital care procedures. The type of medications and equipment provided depends on the type of event health staff are attending and our assessment of your event, but is likely to include:

  • Resuscitation and Trauma kits (including medications, oxygen and a defibrillator)
  • Health Care Professional kits and Cardiac Monitor/Defibrillators
  • Portable Radios – with a direct link to the onsite Command Post (if applicable) and the St John Ambulance State Operations Centre

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