Social inclusion

Social isolation faces thousands of South Australians each year. It can leave the vulnerable further marginalised, and for older generations the effects are devastating and are linked to insomnia, depression, a greater likelihood of developing dementia, among other health problems.

St John Community Care identifies community need in order to deliver responsive volunteer programs which foster independence and resilience. We aim to: 

  • Improve the quality of life for vulnerable people, especially those living independently at home
  • Further enable frail aged and younger people living with a disability ways to engage in the community in a way that is personally meaningful
  • Build social inclusion by providing companionship and support to members of the community in times of need
  • Increase economic and social participation by building individuals’ skill sets through training and assistance in learning   

Making a difference

Community Care program volunteers are reconnecting clients with community life: 

Community Care program

Community Care volunteer and client

Circle of Friends program

Circle of Friends volunteer

Social support to older people, or younger people living with a disability who have little or no support.

Connecting clients with activities, groups or organisations which reflect an individual's interests and goals.


St John’s Community Care programs have grown to a group of almost 500 volunteers offering support to just over 500 South Australians, with volunteers giving over 17,743 hours each year to help clients retain their independence.

The total value of volunteering hours alone is valued at an impressive $606,278 for the 2017/18 financial year (source 2017/18 annual report).