Win a Samsung Galaxy 3 by telling us your first aid story

Have you ever saved a life using first aid skills learnt at work? Or have you had an accident happen at work and first aid was used? We’d love to hear from you! Next year, St John Ambulance will be encouraging business to get first aid compliant and as part of our communications campaign, we'd like to share real life stories of where first aid made a difference. We welcome a range of stories so long as it proves the importance of first aid. For example, you may have saved a co-workers life by performing CPR. You may have broken a bone at work, and your colleague's decision to create a splint helped reduce the impact of your injury. Or you could be a business that prides itself on being first aid compliant. And those are just a few may have more!

Event Venue: South Australia

Event Date: 01 February 2013