Are you prepared for an emergency?

Are you prepared for an emergency?

19 July 2016

South Australia can be a state of extremes, any time of the year. This winter has seen Adelaide pummeled with some spectacular rainfall, hail, wild winds and even a bit of snow in the Mount Lofty Ranges. And let’s not forget our extreme summers spent sweltering in 40 degree heat. Because of our unique weather conditions, along with the many other emergency scenarios which can occur at home, on the road and in the community, it’s important that we are prepared.

But what does it mean to be prepared? At St John SA, being prepared to deal with an emergency means having the skills, resources and a plan in place. In the event of injury, being trained in first aid is a priceless skill which can often be the difference between life and death. Having a first aid kit in the home, office and car means that you have the resources to back up those learned skills to save a life.

 First aid kit for the home in blue 
The Medium leisure kit is perfect for the home or car A portable kit means you can respond anywhere in the workplace

But what happens when the emergency situation calls for you and your family to evacuate? Would you know where to go or what to pack? In the event of bush fire, people often hesitate, then later panic and evacuate quickly without stopping to think of what to take with them, how best to organise their family, pets and livestock or what road is the best route to safety. Such panic can lead to tragedy. This is why St John SA recommends creating an emergency evacuation plan for your home and family.

We’ve developed a handy checklist for you to create your own tailored plan to make sure you know what to do in any situation. You can find it on the emergency evacuation plan page of our website.

So remember, having the skills, the resources and a plan in place to ensure you have what’s needed and the confidence to act in an emergency could save a life. To make sure your skills are up to date, head to our first aid training page and book in today.