Australia Day celebrations but don't forget your DRSABC!

Australia Day celebrations but don't forget your DRSABC!

25 January 2017

Australia Day, one of our favourite holidays, is almost upon on us. With the Australian BBQ’s in full swing, a few of us will be nursing sore heads on Friday morning, however for those who thought well in advance and requested Friday off, an extra-long weekend is in store for you!

Given the glorious sunny weather forecast over the break, many will be heading for the coast or down the river to enjoy plenty of beach cricket and water skiing. A combination of sun, surf and relaxation whilst wonderful, also means that we sometimes let our guard down when it comes to safety in the water.

This summer has been plagued with numerous reports of both adults and children drowning, highlighting the importance of caution around water, the need for adequate swimming skills and knowledge of first aid in the event of an emergency. Given our nationwide love of the water, it’s important to follow the DRSABC first aid action plan in the event of drowning or any medical emergency:

Danger: Check for danger, ensuring it is safe to help
Response: Check for a response from the casualty
Send: Send for help, call triple zero (000) for an ambulance.
Airway: Check that the airway is clear and open.
Breathing: Look, listen and feel to see if the person is breathing.
CPR: If the person is unresponsive and not breathing, commence CPR:

CPR step by step guide
If they start breathing again at any time, stop CPR and treat them for hypothermia by covering them with warm clothes and blankets. If they recover completely, replace their wet clothes with dry ones. Ensure you keep checking breathing, pulse and level of response until help arrives.

For most, long weekends are injury free but it always pays to be mindful of the risks. Enjoy celebrating Australia Day and keep your mates safe!