BURNS, BANDAGES AND GOODIE BAGS – First aid is seriously fun!

BURNS, BANDAGES AND GOODIE BAGS – First aid is seriously fun!

08 February 2017

Every primary school aged child trained in life saving first aid by 2020! This is St John SA’s goal and we are well on our way, but we still need your help!

With a brand new website, new updated learning materials and engaging goodie bags, training children in life saving first aid has never been more effective.

First Aid in Schools is a community initiative provided

by St John SA volunteers, through a new crowdfunding website. It costs less than $10 to teach a child how to save a life, which is less than a ticket to the movies.

The new First Aid in Schools website is up and running and ready for schools to register now Term 1 has begun. The exciting crowd funding platform enables each school and classroom to undergo a small amount of fundraising in order to have St John SA come to their class to teach first aid.


How to register your school
Registering a school for its very own crowdfunding campaign is easy. Teachers, principals and school administrators can click the ‘register school’ button on the right hand corner of the website and fill in the form to begin the journey to bring first aid skills to your classrooms. Once you’ve registered your school, it’s a simple matter of setting up individual classrooms and letting parents and friends know that your school is up and running on our website. We have a letter template that you can send to parents with details about the First Aid in Schools program, your schools involvement and how they can help with fundraising.

How to donate

For parents, friends and the community, making a donation is easy! You can choose to donate to a specific school and classroom, or simply donate to the program and let St John SA distribute the funds. To make a donation to a school, click the ‘donate to school’ button on the homepage. This will take you to a page with all of the currently registered schools.

Alternatively, to search for a particular school, scroll down on the homepage to the leaderboard section. On the right hand side is search box where you can type in a school name. It’s that simple.

With the many inspiring stories often being feedback to St John SA, we know this program saves lives. However, when it comes to first aid training South Australia still sits well below the national average with only 3.1% of primary school children first aid trained, (WA achieving over 50% and Victoria well over 30%), so it’s time to take the lead and expand our life saving educational program. For that we need your help to register schools, donate to the program and spread the word amongst family and friends about your school’s fundraising campaign.

To find out more or to get your school involved, contact our First Aid in Schools team at fais.bookings@stjohnsa.com.au, call 1300 78 5646 or head to the new website www.firstaidinschools.org.au