Celebrating 75 years of St John in Whyalla

02 December 2014

Whyalla St John Ambulance operations branch volunteers celebrated its 75th anniversary on Saturday, November 15.

The event kicked off on Saturday afternoon with an annual inspection in which members formed a parade and were inspected by several dignitaries that travelled from Adelaide to share in the celebrations.

During the parade, several members of the division were promoted to represent the work that they are contributing to the community.

This included officer assuming command Kelly Young being promoted to divisional superintendent.

The 75 year jubilee service certificate was also presented to the division by the state superintendent before the members were dismissed.

The hall was decorated with an arrangement of photographs, uniforms, first aid kits and memorabilia from the past 75 years of St John Ambulance for current and past members to reminisce and share stories.

A celebration dinner was then held at Westland Hotel that all of the members and invited guests, along with past members attended to celebrate the anniversary. The celebration was held alongside the annual awards presentation night of members in the Whyalla division.


Award Winners included: 

Adult Encouragement award, Danielle Smith

Adult New Recruit, Janette Adams

Adult Most Efficient Award, Kayla Milovski

Junior encouragement award, Emily Tapley

Junior most improved, Landon Wheeler

Junior Most Outstanding, Mikayla Robinson

Cadet Most Outstanding New Recruit Award, Molly Tapley

Cadet Most Improved, Jessica Lines

Cadet Most Efficient Award, Mercedes Dawe

Cadet Mark Crompton Encouragement Award, Jasmine Allcock

Cadet Daniel Coyne Most Outstanding Award, Colby Baker