Escape by Millimetres for South Australian Snakebite Victim

Escape by Millimetres for South Australian Snakebite Victim

17 October 2014

Prime example of the importance of having trained first aiders in the workplace. St John trained employees at Australian Portable Camps performed first aid on a work mate who was bitten by a brown snake...


If the snake that bit Helen Palmer had dug its fangs just millimetres deeper, her life would have been in danger.

The administration officer was bitten by a potentially deadly brown snake on her lower leg.

“I just went all sweaty, I just thought ‘this can’t be real’,” she said.

It struck as she walked through her employer's Monarto workshop on Wednesday afternoon.

“It just felt seriously like someone tapped me on the leg with a stick, like a bee sting,” she said.

Once Ms Palmer realised she had been bitten by a snake, she yelled out her co-workers, and fortunately those that responded were all experts in first aid.

Doctors later said there was luckily no venom in her system.

Health officials have warned snake encounters have spiked in recent months.

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Would you know what to do in this instance? Ask your employer if your workplace is compliant. Do you have the correct number of trained first aiders onsite? If not, perhaps you could put your hand up. Contact St John for all your first aid workplace compliance and first aid needs >>