First Aid Compliance laws

10 September 2010

With the new First Aid Compliance laws coming into effect from December 10, it is important that all businesses big and small are aware of their requirements when it comes to First Aid trained staff and having the right First Aid kits on site.

This latest campaign will run on Channel 9 over a week in shows such as Today Show, Millionaire Hot Seat, Post Prime Time and Today – Weekend Edition. In addition we have 30 second spots on NOVA over the day and 5AA during peak morning times Monday to Wednesday.

The campaign has two “stories” – the first, starting Sunday 12th September, has a strong focus on First Aid Training. This is repeated on the 10th October.

The second will begin on 26th September, has a stronger focus on First Aid Kits in the workplace.  This one is repeated on the 24th October.