First Aid Miracle - Johnny reunites with St John Hero who saved his life

07 April 2016

Critically hurt after coming off his motor bike, Johnny was minutes away from death, but has lived to tell his tale thanks to a passer by. St John volunteer, David, acted quickly and applied the right first aid treatment until further help arrived. Channel 7's Today Tonight captured their emotional reunion.



This emotional tale is one that proves the importance of knowing first aid. If it wasn't for the skills of St John volunteer, David, Johnny might not be alive today. However, it's not just St John volunteers who can make a difference, anyone can. Anyone can learn first aid and potentially save a life. St John aims to make first aid a part of everyone life by encouraging all South Australians to book a first aid course. St John offer a variety of courses to suit individuals and businesses. To book call 1300 78 5646 or go to