First aid training - fast tracked!

First aid training - fast tracked!

06 September 2016

St John SA is excited to announce a new addition to our suite of training courses. We now offer a very convenient, fast tracked Provide First Aid Express course that can be completed in under 6 hours. Even better, the course is located centrally in the Adelaide CBD,182 Victoria Square - can’t get more central than that!

We know participants will love the modern rooms with first class facilities, along with lots of natural light and the creature comforts we all enjoy (coffee anyone?)

What’s particularly excellent about this course is that it is perfect for health care professionals and experienced first aiders who are looking for a refresher course without the heavy time commitment that often goes with the standard course. While pre-learning online is available in the weeks leading up, the day itself is assessment only, ensuring your time is spent as efficiently as possible.

For those who have yet to complete any first aid training, this course is still an excellent option to learn those life saving skills without sacrificing your weekend. The online pre learning modules are organised and straightforward to streamline the learning process – simply pick a topic and dive in! Each module contains videos, quick quizzes and different learning formats to help keep you engaged.

Once you’ve completed the modules, you’ll be assessed at the training course. Certificates are available online on the day provided you have updated your details and Unique Student Identifier on the MyStJohn portal.
Our Provide First Aid Express course is fully accredited and participants who complete the training can feel confident that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to sustain life, reduce pain and minimise the consequence of injury or sudden illness until medical aid arrives

Save time and money, book in your Express first aid course today! Head to the booking page on our website.