More than First Aid

More than First Aid

23 August 2017

Since 1883, St John Ambulance Australia has been saving lives through first aid, with roles of the organisation taking different courses locally in the country’s states and territories. In South Australia, you can see our volunteers and staff at nearly 3000 events across the state, looking after the health and wellbeing of our community.

With such a long history of providing event health services, event goers know who to turn to in case they get injured or feel unwell. At our First Aid posts, not surprisingly we often get asked for bandaids, ice packs or pain relief: Most people would expect to receive basic treatment and advice on how to manage their injuries or medical conditions while at the event. Not as many people know just how far St John SA has progressed since the beginnings when we were amiably referred to as the ‘Bandaid Brigade’.

Care beyond bandaids
Nowadays, St John SA’s capabilities go far beyond simple first aid. As Event Health Services experts, we specialise in the areas of event planning, risk assessment and pre-hospital clinical care. Our services have evolved in line with the changing demands in the event industry: in an increasingly complex business environment we can offer event organisers peace of mind regarding their legislative first aid requirements.

Depending on the type and size of event, St John teams include doctors, nurses, paramedics or ambulance officers, in addition to a number of First and Advanced Responders and qualified First Aiders. This ensures the highest possible level of pre-hospital care is provided and having medical professionals on site can reduce the number of patients that have to be transported to hospital for medical attention.

All our St John Event Health Services Responders are trained to a skill level beyond basic first aid. They are qualified to provide advanced care, including oxygen therapy and medications, as well as resuscitation using airway adjusts and techniques (Bag Valve Mask and oropharyngeal airway). Ongoing training ensures that our members maintain competencies in managing complex injuries or medical emergencies, from head, neck and spinal injuries to mental health crises. Skills in patient retrievals, lifting and moving and radio communications are also practiced regularly. Moreover, training in event command, client liaison and leadership is available to round off the high level of service quality our teams deliver at events.

Diversity is what makes us strong

Our volunteers come from all walks of life. Some are health care professionals or students of health disciplines, others come from completely unrelated industries but share an interest in helping those in need of first aid or medical assistance. Moreover, the variety of events we cover is reflected in the diversity of our members: not only in terms of professions and interests, but also culturally St John is a colourful community.

As members of an accredited training organisation, St John volunteers are trained to gain nationally recognised qualifications such as Certificate II in Emergency Medical Service First Response and Certificate III in Healthcare. This way, regardless of their normal day to day activities, our members are prepared to make a real difference to people experiencing medical emergency or trauma.

Would you like to do more in your free time?

Become a volunteer with St John! We are always looking for motivated people who would like to get hands-on practice in pre-hospital health care and event first aid. Get behind the scenes of some of South Australia’s trademark events, work at a large range of events and locations, expand your knowledge and practice your skills, not only in first aid but a variety of event management discipline.

As a health care professional you can get your qualifications accredited and apply your knowledge and skills in an exciting pre-hospital setting, changing up your workplace on a regular basis.

Regardless of your professional or educational background, St John will provide you with all the necessary training and equipment to get you ready to attend events. Work with our state of the art, lifesaving equipment including cardiac defibrillators, resuscitation and trauma equipment, and learn from qualified trainers and industry professionals as well as your fellow St John volunteers.

Are you ready to join St John and make a difference in your community, or would you like to book St John for your event? Then follow the links below or call us on 1300 78 5646.