New St John Pet Kit because pets are precious too

09 September 2011

With most people considering pets as important members of the family the new St John Pet Kit provides all-important first aid treatment products in one package to deal with pet injury and post-veterinary treatment needs.

The pet kits were specifically designed in consultation with Zoos SA to meet the requirements of these precious patients. The contents are scaled and tailored to allow the quick and easy application of first aid products to effectively manage injury.

With a St John Pet Kit in your home you are ready to respond should an accident happen, and in the case of serious injury assist whilst getting your pet to a veterinarian specialist. An important part of recovery is after-care, and the St John Pet Kit contains products to help manage these needs in one quick and easy place.

St John Pet Kits are available now by contacting the St John Shop on 1300 360 455, or order online through our Shop.