Pack a First Aid Kit in your Car at Easter

Pack a First Aid Kit in your Car at Easter

27 March 2013

As thousands of South Australians hit the road for the Easter long weekend, St John Ambulance SA is urging drivers to focus on road safety, and to pack a first-aid kit in their car.

Director of the Royal Adelaide Hospital trauma services and St John Board Member, Dr Bill Griggs, regularly deals with the aftermath of road crashes and says a first aid kit in the car can be lifesaving.

“There’s no question that the first person on the scene of a crash may be able to make a huge difference prior to emergency services arriving.

“Having a first aid kit in the car means it’s always there. You may only need it once in a lifetime, but it would be a great shame if one of your loved ones was involved in an accident and you didn’t have access to some simple equipment to help them.” He said.

When Dr Griggs was a 21-years-old he experienced first- hand how the right equipment, and first aid training, can save lives.

“Years ago when I was a medical student, I saw a crash and stopped to help. There were two young children involved who had life threatening injuries. I was able to perform CPR on the two children who had completely blocked airways, and by the time emergency services arrived at the seven to eight minute mark they had a heart beat.” Dr Griggs said. 

“I had equipment in the car which helped me, and my first aid training was also important. If you’ve got a kit in the car and have no idea what to do with it then it’s probably not going to be as useful, but even if you haven’t done any training there may be someone in the car who has.” 

St John Chief Executive Sharyn Mitten believes Easter is a good time to focus on road safety.

“It is devastating that we lose so many people on our roads, and what we often forget is how many are left with injuries. *For every person that dies, 185 are injured,” Ms Mitten said.

“Often first aid will assist the injured to arrive at hospital in better shape, and hopefully help their chances of recovery. Accidents can happen even when you are driving defensively, so it is important to be first aid prepared.”

To encourage people to purchase a first aid kit, St John is offering free delivery on kits ordered for the Easter period. There are a variety of different kits to pick from including a Just In Case Car Safety Kit for $49.95, an Off-Road First Aid Kit for $98.95, a Trauma Backpack Kit for $308 and a Trauma Portable Kit for $286.
Please call St John on 8306 6920.