Pack the BBQ, pack the kids, pack a first aid kit – you could save a life

22 March 2016

As thousands of people gear up to take to the roads for this Easter long weekend, South Australia’s leading first aid provider, St John SA, is urging holiday makers to pack a first aid kit.


96 per cent of South Australians feel first aid is important or very important, according to new research commissioned by St John SA, however less than half (43 per cent) actually feel confident enough to respond in an first aid emergency situation.


St John SA CEO, Ray Creen says saving a life is much easier than most people think. “So many people talk about doing their first aid training ‘one’ day, but I think so many don’t understand just how simple it really is to save a life,” he says.


“Basic training isn’t intimidating and really can make the difference between life and death. And even if you haven’t been trained, at least have a first aid kit in your car – you’ll have the equipment there until an ambulance can arrive. ”


Mr Creen says Easter is a classic time of year when people take to the roads to go on camping, caravanning or on holiday and a first aid kit should be a ‘must have’ for holiday makers.


“Our research shows that people understand the importance of first aid so we are encouraging holiday makers to make sure a first aid kit is packed in their car, caravan and boat on this long weekend.


“It’s easier to save a life than people think, and having a well stocked first aid kit on hand is one step towards avoiding unnecessary tragedy. In particular when you’re enjoying rural or remote regional Australia, be aware that response times for emergency services can be outside the critical few minutes in which a life can be saved.”


Mr Creen says there are a few questions to ask yourself before heading off on holidays and stocking a first aid kit. Firstly, how many people is the kit for, how long will you be away, what activities will be undertaken and are there any pre-existing medical conditions that need to be taken into account.


“Whilst a fully stocked first aid kit is important, it is also extremely important to personalise your kit to suit the medical needs of you and your family. Buying a pre-assembled kit is a great first step, as you can add items you find more useful and also remove those you don’t think are relevant to the particular holiday you’ll be having,” he adds.


First aid kits are available online or from St John at 85 Edmund Ave, Unley, SA 5061.
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