Ride Within Your Limits at the BUPA Challenge

Ride Within Your Limits at the BUPA Challenge

24 January 2013



St John Volunteers will be positioned at each of the four possible starting points along the Stage 4 Tour Down Under route, at drinking stations, and the finish line. St John Health Advisor Susan Loechel encourages participants to ride within their capabilities.

"There are four different locations to start from, depending on your ability. If you haven’t been doing much riding and aren’t that fit, be very cautious about riding up the SCODA King of the Mountain," Susan said.

"Take advantage of the alternate easier routes starting in Kersbrook, Mt Pleasant, or Nuriootpa, to ensure a safe, healthy and enjoyable ride."

St John has access to advanced resuscitation equipment and defibrillators, and will have two first aid posts at the finish, including at the Tanunda Oval and the Tanunda Bowling clubrooms. St John Volunteers will also be equipped with sunscreen, water and bandaids. Staying hydrated is the key.

"BUPA Challenge organisers are providing a lot of drinking stations along the course. Make sure you stop at all of them rather than try and push on to the next one. Dehydration is the most common problem we have treated in the past." Susan said.

"St John also urges riders to keep an eye on their mates. The ride is billed as a challenge, not a race, and riders should pace themselves and take sensible precautions."

St John will also be handing out Bike First Aid Kits which have been specifically designed in conjunction with Bike SA for riders. St John Chief Executive Sharyn Mitten says 4000 kits will be given away during the Tour Down Under. 2

"All riders are at risk of crashing, and St John wants to make first aid out on the road as accessible as possible. We have worked closely with Bike SA, and made the first aid kit in a soft pouch to fit in the back pocket of a riders jersey," Sharyn said.

"Incorporated into the design is a clear back pocket to hold ID or a credit card for all those coffees! There is also a survey in each kit so riders can give their feedback for future product development."

The St John Bike First Aid Kits will be given away to spectators at the St John First Aid Post at the finish line of every stage of the Tour Down Under, and also the BUPA Challenge. They will also be available for purchase from the St John Shop and online.


St John First Aid Tips for the BUPA Challenge

  • Wear appropriate clothing and footwear

  • Keep well hydrated

  • Apply sunscreen throughout the day

  • Take along any personal medication including asthma puffers, blood-pressure medication etc.