30 June 2015

GOOLWA - A local volunteer first aid service is "out of the red" following a positive membership campaign result.

Goolwa St John division has been saved from closure at Christmas 2015, with about seven new members signing up during an information meeting last Wednesday, June 17.

The campaign was spearheaded by Goolwa St John's Michael Scott and Alan Williams, as a last-ditch effort to gain new members and keep the division operational.

Alan said last week's meeting went well, with about 20 people in attendance.

About seven joined as members, and another four indicated their interest to join.

"We were thrilled, I haven't seen that many people in that building in a long time," Alan said.

"Not only are we going to get some members for our first aid unit, but we also have some interest in our auxiliary.

"That gets us out of the red - we have enough from the drive to keep us going." Until this month, the division had been operating with just three active members, plus another two on sick leave.

The pair advertised their need for members in The Times - with 36 local businesses pledging their support - and operated an information booth in Goolwa Shopping Centre in May.

Alan said the division is "elated" about the result.

"We are part of the community, and we had some very positive results," he said.

"Now I feel so much better about the whole show, it's such a weight off our shoulders." Alan said the division, which has been operating locally since the late 1970s, can now look forward to its future in the region.

The division's new members will receive training within the next six months, before they will be seen performing active duties.

"We hope to come into 2016 with a full crew," Alan said.

Caption Text: DOORS KEPT OPEN: Goolwa St John's Alan Williams and Michael Scott spearheaded a successful campaign for new members in May, to keep the division operational. 
Times Victor Harbor, Victor Harbor SA on 25 June 2015.