Schoolies week begins!

Schoolies week begins!

25 November 2016

Exams are over, uniforms have been swapped for shorts and thongs and muck up day is already a fading memory. That’s right, it’s schoolies week! The time of year where hard working year 12 students can draw a line in the sand for their high school days, let their hair down and have a bit of fun with their friends. Each state tends to have a bit of a hotspot for schoolies week and SA is no different with Victor Harbor being the location where our school leavers descend each year.

Some of our St John SA staffers recall their own schoolies week which was a far cry from the very organised event which occurs today. What hasn’t changed however is the potential for fun to turn into serious injury. As always, St John SA will be there to help you or your mates in any medical emergency.

St John SA will have a significant presence throughout Victor Harbor with over 50 members including doctors, nurses, paramedics and volunteers ready to launch into action. Teams will be stationed at the Adare Camp and Caravan Park and the Victor Harbor Holiday and Cabin Park, both popular accommodations for our young adults. In addition, the St John SA team will be manning the medical centre located on the foreshore, opposite Warland Reserve which is the hub of all the schoolies week festivities.

We encourage all schoolies to come and see us in any medical emergency. In the event that you have had too much drink or have run into trouble that you may be reluctant to tell your parents or the police about, please be assured we treat each case with the utmost confidentiality – St John SA is here to help.