Sister's Skills Save Little Brother

Sister's Skills Save Little Brother

13 April 2016

WHILE many 12-year-olds may have panicked, big sister Hayley McPhee calmly used her St John Ambulance skills to save the life of her baby brother.

Hayley's mum Nicky Blake says she put baby Ryder, seven months old at the time, in her car, and Hayley sat next to him.

Ryder started choking on mucus and that's when Hayley sprung into action.

When Ms Blake turned she saw Hayley had lifted him on to her lap, tilted him forward and patted his back until he vomited.

"Ryder wasn't making any noise so I ripped him out and started patting his back," Hayley says.

Ms Blake says Hayley's St John skills, learned at the Golden Grove division, allowed her to respond "so quickly" to the incident, which happened in October.

"I didn't hear him make a sound, I didn't hear anything of the sort until Hayley was ripping him out of his seat," Ms Blake says.

Hayley says: "I was a bit nervous if I couldn't get him breathing again. It was a bit scary. but I just did it." Hayley will be honoured for her quick thinking by being named the mini mascot at the Crows match against the Sydney Swans at Adelaide Oval on Saturday.

Hayley was very excited when she got the call. "I've only been to two games before . I'm really excited about it," she says.


Leader Messenger, Adelaide (General News) by Tara Nash.