St John SA Distributes Annual Report First Aid Kit to Members

St John SA Distributes Annual Report First Aid Kit to Members

28 November 2013

In a first for St John, the Annual Report will be published exclusively online, and available to view for all stakeholders wherever they are in the world.

This year’s Annual Report is more interactive than ever before, and includes short videos and QR codes which provide an insight into the organisation’s mission, governance, strategy and achievements.

St John Ambulance SA’s Chief Executive Officer, Sharyn Mitten, believes the Annual Report 2012-13 is the organisation’s most transparent and detailed to date.

"I am very proud of the effort and work that has gone into this year’s annual report, and hope that it provides a benchmark for complete and quality reporting in the not-for-profit sector not only in South Australia but around the country," Ms Mitten said.

"As an independent charity that receives very little Government funding, engaging the public through honest and transparent communication is essential. Making the best use of technology is part of our strategy and reflects our governance principles," she said.

"Distributing first aid kits in the community, rather than posting out the Annual Report, positions us as a sustainable organization that is not only adding value today, but into the years ahead."

St John is urging all members to pass on the Annual Report First Aid Kit to family, colleagues, friends or neighbours - anyone who they think might benefit.

"We would love to hear how the Annual Report First Aid Kits are being used by the community. Wherever they land, we think these first aid kits could potentially save a life," Ms Mitten said.

"They could be given out to a community centre, a kindergarten, school, to a friend, or a sporting club. We are also encouraging everyone to share on Facebook, Twitter or email what they decide to do with their first aid kit, and how it is being put to good use."

St John Ambulance SA finished runner-up in this year’s PwC Transparency Awards for their 2011/2012 Annual Report, and also won the award for the most improved charity in the $5-to-$30 million category.

To view this year’s report, and gain further clarity around St John’s impact, services, finances, governance and long term aspirations click here.