St John Smart Phone App To Help Treat Snake Bites Over Summer

St John Smart Phone App To Help Treat Snake Bites Over Summer

31 October 2013

Snake bikes, and sightings of snakes in South Australia, are at the most extreme levels seen in 40 years. According to SA snake removal company, Snake Aaaaway Services, more than 30 phone calls are being made each day reporting snake bites and sightings in this state.
Due to the increased numbers of snakes this Summer, St John is encouraging everyone to brush up on their first aid skills, and to learn what to do, and how to react if you are bitten by a snake.

St John also has a ‘Bites and Stings’ app which could assist in an emergency situation, such as a snake bite. The app, now available for iphones and androids, offers first aid tips about what pressure needs to be applied when bitten by a snake, and also the appropriate bandaging technique to perform before an ambulance arrives.

Vital first aid information at your finger tips could prove crucial in saving a life says St John Health Advisor Susan Loechel.
“The first five minutes after being bitten by a snake is critical. Knowing what to do, and how to use your St John First Aid Kit, could change the outcome and even save a life!

“The ‘Bites and Stings’ App is a great way for people to refresh their memory or skills in the case of snake bite.” Susan said.
“While St John is not suggesting that a smart phone application replaces the importance of a first aid course, the App will guide people in the face of an emergency.”

In 2012, there were 36 snake bites in South Australia reported to the Poisons Information Centre, and so far this year there have already been seven snake bite cases.  Snakes Aaaaway business owner, Rolly Burrell, says the conditions this Summer have been perfect for snakes. The weather hasn’t been too hot, and there’s plenty of food around which will result in snakes continuing to breed at a rapid pace.
Mr Burrell believes during danger months such as February, the ‘Bites and Stings’ App will make a difference to the local community, encouraging people to be prepared when enjoying the warm weather outdoors.

“It is important for people to know what to do when faced with a terrifying situation. The App provides straightforward and easy to understand instructions for people to follow who aren’t clear about the right first aid treatment for snake bites.” He said.
“The ‘Bites and Stings’ App will go a long way to help people save a life.”

St John first aid tips in the case of snake bite:

  • Follow DRSABCD
  • Calm patient and keep still
  • Apply a pressure immobilisation bandage
  • Ensure call for ambulance has been made – triple zero (000)

The full range of St John smart phone apps can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes App Store.
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St John’s specialised Bites and Stings kit is also available for purchase and delivery on the St John webshop -

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Listen to the interview of 5AA with St John Health Advisor Susan Loechel