St John Urges School Leavers to Look After Their Mates at Schoolies

St John Urges School Leavers to Look After Their Mates at Schoolies

22 November 2013

St John Ambulance SA is encouraging all year twelve students at schoolies to keep an eye on their mates, and travel in pairs at all times during the three day festival.

With thousands of school leavers converging on Victor Harbor, staying in close contact with friends can be the difference between staying safe or putting themselves at risk says St John State Staff Officer Daniel Symons.

"In previous year’s we’ve found that students who travel to the festival on their own, or walk to and from the Victor Harbor activities alone, have a greater chance of finding themselves in risky situations," Symons said.

"We really encourage everyone to travel in pairs at all times and to stay close to the friends you trust. In the excitement of the festival, schoolies have been known to wander off. It is important friends choose a meeting place and look out for each other over the course of the weekend," the State Staff Officer said.

If used correctly, mobile phones can also play an important role in keeping schoolies safe.

"Over the years we have found that schoolies often lose their mobile phones and don’t have the contact numbers of their friends on them. It is important that everyone remembers to charge their mobile phones before they head out for the night," the State Staff Officer said.

St John will once again play a crucial role at Schoolies, with a team of over 50 volunteers ready to provide first aid and medical services to thousands of school leavers. Just like St John’s intense planning, St John asks schoolies to plan ahead and organise how they get to the festival site and back to their accommodation.

"We understand that it is difficult to plan ahead in the midst of the festival but it is vital that schoolies do not drive and use the public transport provided," Symons said.

Warland Reserve and surrounding areas will be covered each day by St John volunteers. St John will have a dedicated medical centre with four medical staff, five registered nurses and St John volunteers working at any one time.

"We have been working closely with the SA Police, SA Ambulance and Metropolitan Fire Service to help lessen the load for them and to ensure that all school leavers and the Victor Harbor community can have a safe and enjoyable weekend," the State Superintendent said.

In addition to staffing the medical centre, St John will roam the festival site by foot with various Mobile First Aid Units throughout Victor Harbor, keeping school leavers safe.

St John Ambulance SA is encouraging all students attending Schoolies to refresh their first aid skills and to look after themselves and their mates over the weekend.