St John Urges School Leavers to Party Safely at Schoolies

St John Urges School Leavers to Party Safely at Schoolies

20 November 2014

With alcohol-related issues the most common problem treated by St John Ambulance SA at last year’s Schoolies Festival, the state’s leading first aid and event health services provider is encouraging all year twelve students to party safely at this year’s three day event this weekend.

With thousands of school leavers expected at Victor Harbor, partying safely with trusted friends can be the difference between staying safe and having a great time or finding themselves in trouble, says St John General Manager Commercial, Jehad Ali.

“Last year, approximately 50% of the treatment St John personnel administered to festival goers were alcohol related, and whilst it is an alcohol-free event, often we have found that festival goers choose to drink excessive amounts of alcohol beforehand,” Mr Ali says.

“Finishing high school is a fantastic achievement and the Schoolies Festival is a great way for students to let their hair down and celebrate their hard work after a busy year. We encourage all young people attending the festival to enjoy themselves and have fun but be sensible, particularly when it comes to alcohol.

“Partying safely will not only reduce the number alcohol-related injuries, but will minimise ruining their festive occasion with any regrets, or worse, a traumatic experience.

“We understand this is can be a stressful time for parents and really encourage parents and caregivers to talk to their sons and daughters who are going to Schoolies about the severe risks and consequences of excessive drinking,” Mr Ali said.

St John will once again play a crucial role at Schoolies, with a team of over 30 personnel on the ground at Warland Reserve and at caravan parks in Victor Harbor at any one time to provide first aid and medical assistance.

“A great deal of intense planning has gone into the event to make sure we have the most appropriate personnel on ground ready for any situation, whether it is a wound injury, administering medication or an IV drip.

“St John will have a range of qualified doctors, nurses, , first responders and advanced responders on duty over the three days at the state-of-the-art St John medical centre,” Mr Ali said.

St John has been working closely with SA Ambulance to lessen the load for the local hospitals over this weekend and ensure that all school leavers and the Victor Harbor community have a safe and enjoyable weekend.


St John safety tips for young people at Schoolies Week


· Stay hydrated

· Celebrate with trusted friends

· Keep your mobile with you and make sure it is fully charged

· Don’t drive. Use the free public transport provided by the Motor Accident Commission

· Don’t forget to bring any required medication.

· Keep an up to date list of emergency contact details and any conditions you have with you.

· Dress for the weather and wear sensible shoes