St John advocates first aid L plates for learner drivers

15 March 2011

As many young South Australians take to the road for the first time it is important to recognise that road crashes are the leading cause of death for young people under the age of 25.

To bring home the importance of responsible driving, the RAA will be holding a Street Smart event on Wednesday 16th March to help young South Australians understand the realities of road trauma.

First on scene at many road accidents and fatalities over the years, Royal Adelaide Hospital Director of Trauma and St John State Board Director and Regional Medical Officer Dr Bill Griggs, will be at the event to narrate the crash scene scenario.

Bill Griggs initially signed on for a first aid course at St John after being at the scene of a road accident where many onlookers stood helpless.  This translated to a lifelong journey with St John as a volunteer.  Bill, along with St John CEO Sharyn Mitten, are passionate about road safety and further, educating citizens so they are armed with the right skills to be the person that makes the difference in an emergency situation.

Whilst it is common for young people to be influenced by friends, there are so many other variables that are out of a driver’s control.  “It is worth remembering that even when you are in the right and driving defensively, accidents can happen, and it is important to be first aid prepared” said St John CEO Sharyn Mitten. 

“When helping young people with their first car I would encourage all parents to invest in a quality first aid kit, and to keep that within the vehicle.  Go one step further and register for some first aid training.  As little as a days training can bring huge peace of mind in the knowledge that your child knows what to do in an emergency situation” Sharyn Mitten continued.  “The knowledge gained through first aid training are skills for life.”

“Whilst driving smarter and defensively is step towards safer roads, let us also educate and equip our young people in the event of any emergency situation.”

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