St John congratulates top 10 Charity Reputation Index organisations 

St John congratulates top 10 Charity Reputation Index organisations 

11 January 2016

St John Ambulance Australia is delighted to have been named in the top 10 of the 2015 Charity Reputation Index.


“It is very pleasing to see that so many service-based organisations providing a first response have been named in the top 10, and wonderful that St John Ambulance Australia is ranked 6th amongst so many other well regarded and trustworthy benevolent organisations. We extend our congratulations to them all,” said Amanda Power, Interim CEO of St John Ambulance Australia.


“It is a timely reminder in the Festive Season that emergency services and first response agencies see a spike in illness and injury, particularly in the areas of road traffic accidents, drowning and water craft injuries, alcohol and drug induced injury and illness, heat related illness including sunburn, and bites and stings. St John urges everyone to be safe this Festive Season and know how to help your mate by learning first aid.


“First aid is vital in both prevention and response. Knowing first aid can mean the difference between a life lost and a person coming home to their family in the New Year. Our hope at St John is to make first aid a part of everybody’s life– we are aiming for one first aid qualified person in every Australian household,” said Amanda Power.


“Organisations like St John cannot do the valuable work we do without our many thousands of volunteer and paid staff. So in this Festive Season, spare a thought for those giving their time and effort in providing vital services to the community– whether it be staffing a first aid post at a local concert or event or to those providing a first-response during a natural disaster. These dedicated, passionate and skilled first responders are out there, often in tough conditions, treating the ill and injured, and saving lives through first aid.”


St John is Australia’s largest provider of first aid training and services. For further information about St John Ambulance Australia contact 1300 360 455 or visit