St John looking after SA businesses at Royal Adelaide Show

St John looking after SA businesses at Royal Adelaide Show

06 September 2013

For the very first time St John Ambulance SA will have a mock first aid room at the Royal Adelaide Show to demonstrate what’s required in workplaces to keep employees safe. The first aid room at the entrance to the Jubilee Pavilion will be as hands on and realistic as possible.


St John research has found that the majority of Australian employers (65%) are unaware of Safe Work Australia’s new Code of Practice, and St John’s State Sales Manager, Alida Parente says the first aid room is designed to raise awareness.

"We’re really excited about our new stand and how interactive it is – we tried to mirror a workplace first aid room so people who come to the show can learn about what they can do to make their workplace safer.

"The mock first aid room will include a state of the art stretcher and a debrillator – basically everything that a first aid room should have. As a leading first aid provider, St John will be equipped at the show to answer all questions on whether your workplace should have a first aid room, and how to make it as suitable as possible." Ms Parente said.

St John Ambulance SA Chief Executive Officer, Sharyn Mitten, says the interactive stand at the show could even help save lives.

"Show time at the start of Spring is a great time to check and update your first aid kit and first aid skills. We will have defibrillation and first aid demonstrations at the St John stand throughout the nine days of the show, and will really try to educate people about how important it is to have access to a first aid kit.

"The first five minutes after someone is hurt or becomes ill is critical," Ms Mitten said. "Knowing first aid and how to use a St John First Aid kit can change the outcome, and even save a life."

St John’s most popular first aid kits will be on sale at the stand including a new ‘Handy Kit’ that is small enough to fit into a handbag or school kit. The ‘Handy Kit’ costs just $9.95 and was developed so that everyone can have easy access to basic first aid equipment.

Along with the mock first aid room, there will be casualty simulation artists at the St John stand painting faces and bodies with life-like wounds from 11-4pm each day. Black eyes, blood noses or even axe wounds are common requests, and all for just a gold coin donation.

In the event of a real accident at the show, St John provides over 4500 volunteer hours of service to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable time. Last year approximately 1150 people were treated for a variety of illnesses and injuries, and St John is urging patrons to prepare for unpredictable weather.

"As September marks the beginning of Spring, there is an increased amount of allergens and pollens in the air. There are also a large number of animals, and grassed and dirt areas, that can set off a reaction in asthma and allergy sufferers," Susan Loechel said.

"We encourage asthma suffers to bring their medication, know their triggers, and stay away from any so called ‘problem’ areas at the show."

Heat exhaustion due to unpredictably warm weather is another common problem. St John recommends wearing sunscreen and keeping fluids up.

The St John First Aid Treatment Centre is located in the atrium near the food court, and first aid volunteers will be doing regular patrols around the show grounds.

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