St John training saves lives

07 January 2011

A recent graduate of a St John training course was able to put what she had learned into good use and saved the life of one of her friends.

Kye was out with a group of friends after an AFL Grand Final barbecue, when a man approached them and started to assault a male member of their group. He was punched to the ground and then callously kicked in the head, rendering him unconscious.

Due to the recent CPR training Kye received she was able to recognise the danger signs and proceeded to assist her friend - checking vital signs, ensuring his head and neck were immobilised and administering CPR until an ambulance arrived 15 minutes later. Kye's speedy response most certainly saved her friend's life, "My training kicked in immediately, and I just acted on impulse", Kye said. Her friend made a full recovery and has no ill effects from the assault.

Just another example of how important first aid training is and what an important service it is to the community.