The Importance of First Aid Training

The Importance of First Aid Training

21 May 2014

Wendy Smith of Salisbury did her first aid training at St John SA Elizabeth training centre on a stinking hot day in January.  Wendy said it was so hot, the class participants thought they would be giving first aid to each other!

Then last week, Wendy's training saved the life of her neighbour who suffered a cardiac arrest.  He had collapsed in his home, and when Wendy found him he was no longer beathing.  She instructed his partner to call an ambulance and performed CPR for approximately 10 minutes before the ambulance arrived and the paramedics took over before transporting him to hospital.

Wendy said she owed her life saving response to the excellent training she received from St John trainer of 20+ years, Catalina Gamble.  She said when confronted with the scene her training kicked in and doing CPR on a real person was just like doing it on the manikin in her first aid class, they are that lifelike.  Wendy describes the experience as life changing for her.  She now feels more secure as a person, more confident and that she is a useful contributor to society,.

St John trainer, Catalina Gamble sad "as a teacher, I love my job and I am glad I leave positive footprints on people, it makes it all worthwhile."