There’s always room for a First Aid Kit in the car this Easter!

There’s always room for a First Aid Kit in the car this Easter!

17 April 2014

As hundreds of South Australian’s hit the road for the Easter long weekend, St John Ambulance SA is encouraging all drivers to focus on road safety, and to remember to pack a first aid kit in their car, caravan, boat or trailer.

St John Ambulance SA, Chief Executive Officer, Sharyn Mitten recognises the importance of having a well stocked first aid kit on hand, and says it can save lives.

“It is fair to say that a first aid kit is an essential piece of equipment no matter what sort of adventure you’re planning. Having a fully stocked and personalised first aid kit handy can make a huge difference in the case of an emergency.

“Buying a pre-assembled kit is a great first step, as you can add items you find more useful and also remove those you don’t think are relevant to the particular holiday you’ll be having.”

Ms Mitten says there are a few questions to ask yourself before heading off on holidays and stocking a first aid kit. Firstly, how many people is the kit for, how long will you be away, what activities will be undertaken and are there any pre-existing medical conditions that need to be taken into account.

“Whilst a fully stocked first aid kit is important, it is also extremely important to personalise your kit to suit the medical needs of you and your family. We encourage people to include a list of emergency contacts, make sure enough prescribed medication is packed and all allergies are made clear on a separate piece of paper.

“Being first aid prepared and having the right equipment in any case of an emergency can help save someone’s life before emergency services arrive,” Ms Mitten said.


To purchase a St John first aid kit, visit the website or head into the St John store at 85 Edmund Ave, Unley South Australia 5061.