Workplace Infection Control

What is the St John Workplace Infection Control Program? 
The St John Workplace Infection Control Program is designed to engage key business decision makers and educate them about reducing infection in the workplace and as a result, improve employee attendance while maintaining work continuity.

Risk Assessment in the workplace 
Office hygiene is in your hands with St John Workplace Infection Control Program.

Why workplace infection control? 
Implementing infection control practices in a workplace can break the chain of infection and minimise illness in the office, creating a healthy workplace to protect your most important assets, your employees.

What does St John offer? 
Employers have a duty of care to employees in their organisations. St John provide an Infection Control Risk Assessment service for your business to complement your risk management and business continuity policies.

Are you prepared?
As leaders in providing services and products to Australians in Health and First Aid, St John have identifi ed a need in organisations to help reduce the spread of infection in the workplace.

In addition to providing basic infection control guidelines, this program is designed to assist businesses to plan for times of accelerated illness, such as influenza pandemic.

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