Bites and Stings Management

As people venture outdoors to enjoy the sunshine and warmth, so too do the snakes, spiders and insects which become more active when the weather is warm.

Each year in Australia, 345,000 people are bitten or stung—making bites and stings the third most common injury in the country. Unfortunately many Australians are not clear about the correct first aid management for a bite or sting. St John wants everyone to be prepared for whatever creepy-crawly they may encounter.




>> Download First Aid Fact Sheet on mangement of bites and stings <<


   For more information on first aid managements of a bites, stings and other injuries, download the range of St John iPhone apps from the Apple iTunes App Store. Please note; this information is a guide only and does not make you first aid qualified. St John recommends that everyone is trained in first aid by completing a certified first aid training course.


Make sure you are prepared with the right tools to manage bites and stings by purchasing a St John Bites & Stings Kit. The contents of this pack are designed for the immediate treatment of toxic bites and stings from insects and snakes, and includes detailed information.


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>> To learn first aid visit or call 1300 360 455 <<


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