NEW - Provide First Aid


As of March 1 2014 Apply First Aid (AFA) is changing to Provide First Aid (PFA).
Provide First Aid covers the management of:

       - Unconscious breathing person
       - Unconscious non-breathing person (CPR)
       - Applications of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
       - Review of First Aid kits
       - Choking & Shock
       - Injuries from head to toe
       - Wounds and bleeding
       - Burns, poisons, bites and stings
       - Exposure to heat and cold
       - Medical emergencies: chest pain, asthma, anaphylaxis,
       - stroke, seizures, fainting, diabetes

This accredited course is to acquire competency in providing First Aid in a variety of scenarios and is the course prescribed by the WorkSafe Compliance Code - First Aid in the Workplace.

The knowledge, skills and confidence gained will enable you to sustain life and minimise the consequences of injury and illness until professional help arrives.


Complete over 1 or 2 Days



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