New Sports First Aid course helps make sport safer

New Sports First Aid course helps make sport safer

28 May 2013

Former Socceroos Captain, John Kosmina, feels so strongly about first aid that he’s agreed to become a St John Ambassador, and believes first aid training should be mandatory - particularly for junior clubs.

“Growing up I saw my brother break his leg really badly during a football game. If the trainer didn’t know what he was doing the injury could have been a lot worse than it was,” Kosmina said.  “Referees should definitely do sports first aid training. As a coach, I’ve waived trainers on during a game because the referee can’t tell if someone is seriously injured or not. “If they were made more aware of what is and isn’t serious, they’d be better off. There are also occupational health and safety issues to worry about.”

The St John Sports First Aid Course can be tailored to suit particular sports, and re-enacts common sporting injuries including concussion, strains, sprains, dislocation and fractures, facial and eye injuries, and management of medical emergencies such as chest pain and asthma.

The first five minutes after someone is hurt or becomes ill is critical. Knowing first aid and how to use a fully equipped St John first aid kit can change the outcome, and even save a life. Someone on the sidelines who knows first aid can make all the difference in terms of an injury being long term or short term.  The most important member of the team when it comes to the health and safety of the players is the sports first aid person, who has the necessary skills to provide first aid management to an injured or ill athlete until medical aid arrives.The importance of extensive first aid training, along with a well-stocked, and well-equipped first aid kit, are vital to help keep any sports team functioning correctly.

St John has already formed an alliance with the Collegiate Soccer league in Adelaide, who’ve made it compulsory to have at least one person trained in Sports First Aid for every team that plays in the league.

The St John Sports First Aid Course can be run at sporting venues, or on-site for groups of up to 12. The cost is $150 per person, or $1490 for a group of 12. Call 1300 360 455 to book your onsite course or book yourself in online.