Stop Tooling Around

Stop Tooling Around

02 August 2017

August 2017 is Tradies National Health Month which aims to raise awareness of the health and safety risks posed to those who work in trade occupations—not only among the tradies themselves, but their families, employers and the wider community.

Healthy tradies for a healthy society

Australia’s trade industry is affected by many health and safety issues. Time off as a consequence of poor health or injury has a significant impact, not only on the tradies and their families. Businesses, communities, the health system and the economy are all affected and should have an interest in creating the best possible conditions to work in.

Tradies National Health Month is an initiative by the Australian Physiotherapy Association to raise awareness of the health and safety related issues in the trade sector. The key message is directed at employers and unions of trade occupations to prioritise their employees’ and members’ health – now and in the long run.

Your health is part of your tool kit!

You need quality tools to deliver quality outcomes. Spending big dollars on equipment needed to get the job done is a necessity, not a luxury. At the same time you need to be physically and mentally fit to perform at your best. Yet all too often health and wellbeing is put second when it comes to bringing those dollars back in. How much have you spent on your own health and wellbeing so far this year? Investing in preventative treatment, for example to reduce the risk of injury, pays off big time when compared to the costs (and pains!) of recovery when things go wrong.

The compliance aspect

While looking after yourself is an important element in staying healthy, there are always risks that cannot be eliminated and things do go wrong sometimes. Therefore, just as any other business, tradies have legal obligations regarding the first aid resources that need to be available at their workplace.

A SafeWork Code of Practice requirement is to have a fully stocked First Aid Kit that is compliant with SafeWork guidelines, made accessible to workers at all times while at work. On top of that, workers need to have access to a qualified first aider. If you work on your own, this means that you need to be trained in first aid. 

Preparation is key – On and Off the Job

Compliance is only one reason to invest in first aid kits and training. Think about the impact that an injury can have on productivity and wellbeing beyond the working day. A simple burn, if not properly attended to, can not only impair your working capacity for the rest of the day but lead to complications like infections that can bother you for weeks.

The first few minutes after a serious incident can have an enormous impact on the outcome and chances of recovery. When suddenly faced with an accident or medical emergency, your brain will revert to fight or flight mode much to the disadvantage of knowledge and skills that haven’t been practiced. That’s why it is important to regularly refresh your first aid skills and train your ‘muscle memory’.

Stop tooling around, get it done now!

It’s always good to be prepared for when things go wrong, whether at work or at home. You don’t want to be hobbling around the house looking for a suitable means to stop a bad bleed, for example. So make sure you stay safe on and off the job by having an up-to-date, fully stocked first aid kit in your workplace/car and your home!

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Need some help with your First Aid Compliance?

St John SA is here for you. Our First Aid Advisors can come to you and conduct a free workplace assessment. Get it all sorted in only 30 minutes: Get practical solutions, obligation-free and for any size or type of business. We can advise you on the ideal solution for your type of business and industry. Our Standard Work Place Kits can be stocked with additional modules that might be required based on the risk factors that apply to your industry.

Focus on your work and let us support you with checking and replenishing your first aid kits and defibrillators, restocking reminders, phone and email support for self-audits or assessing additional first aid requirements as necessary. Our staff will also sign and attach a compliance sticker to your first aid kits at each visit.

First Aid Compliance is more than just a tick in an audit check box: it’s the peace of mind that you are prepared in case something happens.