03 December 2014

20 year old saved by St John at AsiaFest in Rymill Park.

Jamie went into cardiac arrest at the recent AsiaFest in Rymill Park, and fortunately for him, three highly trained and equipped St John volunteers where on the spot. It all happened in minutes:

1.08pm Jamie collapsed
1.09pm St John volunteers arrived
1.10pm Oxygen administered and CPR commenced
1.12pm Defibrillator applied
1.13pm Breathing restored
1.16pm Ambulance arrived
1.40pm Jamie taken to RAH

Jamie is only 20 years old and a keen martial arts exponent. He was taking part in a crowd-pleasing demonstration with his club, Just Kicks Taekwondo. During the display Jamie collapsed and went into cardiac arrest.

His club mates alerted St John volunteers Chris, Ken and Lorraine who were on hand looking after the health and safety of all festival participants and patrons. They were in the right place, at the right time, with the right equipment and skills to save Jamie, who was recently released from hospital.

Imagine what might have happened if Jamie was left unaided for those precious few minutes from 1:08pm to 1:16pm.

In addition to attending public events, Chris, Ken and Lorraine are first responders to fires and emergencies providing health care and first aid to CFS volunteers and the public. They train with the CFS participating in emergency scenarios including car crashes, explosions and fires to be better prepared for when their services are needed.

St John is self-funded, unlike other emergency services. The majority of our income comes from selling training courses, first aid kits and other equipment like the ‘defib’ machine that saved Jamie’s life. Money raised from these activities goes straight to resourcing our volunteers, but it isn’t enough.

Your donation allows us to make sure they are backed with modern, portable equipment and supplies, along with weekly training to renew and upgrade their first aid skills.

Between July 2013 and June 2014 St John trained volunteers attended 3202 events and emergencies and treated 12,056 patients. With your support we can continue to supply all of our 1699 volunteers with uniforms, equipment, supplies and training to ensure the safety of South Australians at public events and in case of emergency. This equipment includes:

248 emergency response kits
108 defibrillators
30 stretchers spinal boards
oxygen response units
emergency vehicles
30 mobile first aid units
wheel chairs
96 trainers
The list goes on …

Help us continue to be there for people like Jamie, well equipped and well trained at events and emergencies across South Australia.

We cannot continue without your help. Your donation will help train and equip St John volunteers with crucial items like these:

Defibrillator $2395
Emergency Response First Aid Kit $820
Hi-Vis Responder Jacket $230
One set of defib pads $108

As we head into a summer packed with events, please accept our gratitude in anticipation that you are able help us with a donation at this time.

You can make a secure online donation here.