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Safework Australia has developed a new ‘first aid in the workplace’ Code of Practice. The Federal government has created a new harmonised Code of Practice, First Aid in the Workplace. This new Code is an approved code of practice under section 274 of the Work Health and Safety Act (the WHS Act) approved by Safework Australia and the Ministerial Council. 

Overtime, the Code will come into effect in all jurisdictions. Each jurisdiction has maintained its own work health and safety regulator with responsibility for administrating and enforcing the new WHS laws. 

As part of the First Aid Code, workplaces are expected to undertake a risk assessment in order to identify the first aid equipment, procedures and first aiders they should have in place. The new Code of Practice provides guidance on the number of first aid kits and contents and the number of trained first aiders that are appropriate for some types of workplaces. 

St John Ambulance Australia provides a range of first aid training and WHS solutions for your workplace. 

For further information, please contact your local State or Territory office.

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Workplace First Aid Compliance PR campaign winner
Congratulations to the winner of a new Samsung Galaxy 3 phone - Michelle Wimpenny from Salisbury, and here’s her story...


It is a requirement of her job as a massage therapist that Michelle is trained in first aid. In fact, just recently Michelle refreshed her CPR skills and renewed her training certificate but she never thought this training would have such a profound impact on her life. Late last year Michelle received a phone call from her son to say her father’s heart had stopped. Michelle raced to her father’s house, called the ambulance and began CPR. They would later learn that Michelle’s father had suffered a cardiac arrest. “I expected to use basic first aid skills for minor cuts and broken limbs but I never thought I’d have to use CPR.” Thanks to her training and quick thinking, Michelle helped to save her father’s life and has guaranteed she will be refreshing her CPR training every year.

Congratulations Michelle.

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