Sports First Aid Kit

We want to ensure your local sports club is equipped with a suitable sports first aid kit. As the experts in first aid, we have pieced together a new kit full of quality products and componentry needed to treat common sporting injuries, and packaged them into a durable weather-proof toolbox. 


Items include:

10 Alcohol Swabs
10 Antiseptic Swabs
1   Bandage Conforming 5cm
2   Bandage Conforming 7.5cm
2   Bandage Heavy Crepe 10cm
2   Bandage Heavy Crepe 7.5cm
2   Bandage Triangular
3   Non Adherent dressing 5x5cm
2   Non Adherent dressing 5x7.5cm
1   Non Adherent dressing 10x10cm
3   Self-Adhesive Island Dressing 8.3 x 6cm
1   Primapore Island Dressing 10x8cm
3   Wound Closure Strips 3pk
10 Betadine Swabs
2   Dressing Combine 10x20cm
1   Adhesive Strips 50pk
1   Sam splint
5   Gloves Latex Free
1   Notebook and Pencil
1   Safety Pins
1   Scissors
5  Gauze Swabs 5pk
1  Tape Hypoallergenic
1  Rigid Sports Tape
3  Face Shields
1  Book Emergency FA
1  Splinter Probes (5 pack)
1  Emergency Shock Blanket
1  Forceps
4  Eye Pads
8  Saline 15ml
2  Instant Icepack Small
1  Instant Icepack Large
1  DRABC/CPR Flow Chart Sticker
1  Set of 3 Resealable Bags


To purchase or find out more about the customised kit please call Nova on 08 8306 6902.