If you would like to support St John SA, view our 2018-19 Sponsorship Program to see which of our sponsorship options suit you best. 


There are many ways you can support St John SA.

St John is about saving lives. Our mission is to empower and support the South Australian community through the provision of first aid response and social care. St John is a charity that has been providing services to South Australians for over 130 years.

We thank our many supporters - individuals and organisations - that have supported us with financial and in-kind support. 


Special thanks to our Presenting Partner Bendigo Bank:

Thanks to our Volunteer Sponsors:


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Donations & Bequests - your financial contribution supports our volunteers through training, uniforms and equipment, ensuring we provide the best service to the South Australian community through the provision of first aid at events and social care programs.

Volunteer - your time is valuable and St John appreciates our many volunteers who work in a huge variety of roles.  Volunteering with St John allows you to positively connect to your community and make it a better place. It can help you learn new skills, find friends and give a little back. Volunteers find real joy in helping people. They give freely of their time, energy and skills to make a genuine difference to the lives of others.


Companies and Organisations

In-kind support - rather than a financial contribution, your business may be able to provide in-kind support through the donation of goods or services.  St John recognises these organisations and individuals at our annual St John Awards Ceremony at Government House.

Sponsorships, donations and provision of services - in 2011-12 St John's estimated economic contribution to the South Australian community was valued at $23.8 million including savings to the health system and provision of services.


Commonwealth, State & Local Government Authorities

St John acknowledges the assistance received by government bodies.  Their support allows St John to move forward in the commitment to help South Australians.